Reverse Engineer Spritesheets is Now Available on the Mac App Store!

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App Description:

Easily reverse engineer spritesheets with this tool! Get your sprites back as single standalone images. So you’re a game developer who lost the source images for your sprite sheet; it’s not a crime and you don’t have to panic.

Don’t try to slice those sprites out in an image editor, extract them with this tool! Just drag and drop your spritesheet onto the window and its .plist file. Hit the save button and in a few short seconds you will get your sprites back! If you have rotated sprites in your sheet this app even rotates them back so you get your sprites out of your sheet exactly the same way that you put them in!

More great reasons to use this tool:
-Extract individual sprites out of an old spritesheet so you can use Spritebuilder’s smart spritesheet feature for your Cocos2d game!
-Extract individual sprites out of an old spritesheet to use in a .atlas file in Xcode for your SpriteKit game!

The Reverse Engineer Spritesheets app will save you tons of time!

This app currently supports extracting sprites with a spritesheet’s .plist source file. Formats 0, 1, 2, 3 are supported!


Spritesheet (Click to view full size):
Spritesheet image.

Extracted Sprites:

desert_bg bubble-3-3

somebuttons_1 somebuttons_2 somebuttons_3 somebuttons_4 somebuttons_5 somebuttons_6 somebuttons_7 somebuttons_8 somebuttons_9 somebuttons_10 somebuttons_11 somebuttons_12 swamp

pointy_1 pointy_2 pointy_5-2 pointy_5 pointy_6 pointy_9 pointy_11

male_runner_concepts_3 male_runner_concepts_12 male_runner_concepts_21 male_runner_concepts_27 male_runner_concepts_32