Flip a Coin App for iOS Released! Download it for FREE!

Flip a Coin iOS App icon.


You’re arguing with a friend about something, and you decide you’ll settle the argument the old fashion way: flip a coin! Don’t have any change? No problem! Use the Flip a Coin App!

Flip a Coin App is FREE! All you have to do is tap your iPhone or iPad screen to flip!

-Universal application! Flip a Coin app looks great on both your iPhone and your iPad!
-Lands on heads or tails. It’s a random result just like in real life.
-Choose different coins to flip!

Flip a Coin App will do the flipping for you when you tap, just remember to CALL IT IN THE AIR!

Bulk Image Resizer is Now Available on the Mac App Store

Bulk Image Resizer Mac App Icon


Bulk Image Resizer lets you rapidly resize groups of images.

-Resize groups of images by points or by percentage.
-Rename images and/or add a suffix to a single image’s title or to an entire group of images.
-Export the resized/renamed images as .png, .jpeg, .tiff, or .bmp.

Some great reasons to use Bulk Image Resizer:
-Generate groups of thumbnail images in a few short seconds.
-Rename groups of images and/or add suffixes to groups of images (for example you can quickly add suffixes such as: @2x, -hd, thumb).
-Exported images are created in a single folder that you name (Bulk Image Resizer does not overwrite or destroy your original image).
-Bulk Image Resizer is a great tool for creating thumbnails for your website, organizing images for a slideshow, quickly adding @2x or -hd suffixes if you’re on iOS or Mac developer, and more!

Bulk Image Resizer Mac App screenshot showing exported images. Bulk Image Resizer Mac App Screenshot Bulk Image Resizer Mac App screenshot showing playing card images. Bulk Image Resizer Mac App screenshot showing ui element images.