Dice Roller App Released for Free on iOS!

Dice Roller iOS App icon.


Need dice? Download the Dice Roller app! You never have to worry about losing your dice again! Play your favorite board games and use your iOS device to roll the dice! You can use the Dice Roller App for any dice game, the possibilities are endless!

-Dice Roller app let’s you roll up to 5 dice at a time!
-Automatically adds the total value of the dice rolled on screen for you! You don’t have to count all those dots, just read the text!
-Dice Roller App is UNIVERSAL! It runs great on all iPhone models and iPad!
-Cool 3D animation using the awesome Core Animation framework!
-Turn on “Fast mode” to roll the dice faster!

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, this app is FREE! Get the Dice Roller App now!