Easy Image Reflection 2 Version 1.3 Update Pushed to the Mac App Store

Easy Image Reflection 2 Mac App icon.

Easy Image Reflection version 1.3 has been pushed to the Mac App Store.

What’s new?

The Easy Image Reflection action extension now works with Mail. As of OS X Yosemite, Mail works with image action extensions differently than other OS X applications, so a workaround needed to be implemented.

If you already purchased Easy Image Reflection 2, you can head to the Mac App Store and update now. If you have not bought Easy Image Reflection 2 you can purchase it here.

File Cabinet for Mac is Coming Soon, Sneak Peek Video Here!

I just finished version 1.0 of File Cabinet, a Mac application that will be released soon. File Cabinet is the file manager for your menu bar. The application lets you drag and drop files to the file cabinet in your menu bar. File Cabinet will also come with a bunch of cool features like iCloud, File Tagging, Show in Finder, Icon View, Column View, File Renaming, and more.

File Cabinet will make desktop clutter a thing of the past. This utility app will also help you keep your files organized without having to dig into some subdirectory buried deep in your documents folder. A full description and download link will of course be posted soon. For now, check out the demo video: