Tutorial: How to Migrate a Photo Album from Photos to File Cabinet Pro

The Photos app on OS X is great, but sometimes launching an application just to get to your images can feel like a real chore. This is especially true if you access your images often. In some situations, you may be better off storing images in File Cabinet Pro instead. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how you can easily migrate a photo album from Photos to File Cabinet Pro.

Step One: Launch Photos and Select an Album.

Open the Photos application and select the “Albums” tab at the top of the window. In the list of photo albums you see in the window, select a photo album you would like to export. With the photo album selected, click “File” in the menu bar and select “Export Unmodified Original” under the “Export” submenu.

Screenshot of exporting a photo album in the Photos app on OS X.

Now you need to choose a location to save the images to in the save panel that pops up. To keep things simple, I suggest choosing the Desktop. Before you export the album, I also recommend you click the “New Folder” button in the save panel and give the folder the same name as the photo album you are exporting.

Creating a new folder in a save panel.

After you created the new folder, go ahead and export the album.

Step Two: Drag and Drop the Folder to File Cabinet Pro

After you have exported the photo album, all you have to do is drag and drop it up to File Cabinet Pro. Note that exported Photos are copied, so your album will still be in the Photos app. If you want to remove the album from Photos after it is exported, go back to Photos and delete the album.

Dragging folder to File Cabinet Pro.

Step Three: Open the Folder in File Cabinet Pro

Double click the folder you just dropped in File Cabinet Pro to see your photos! That’s it!

File Cabinet Pro screenshot of photo album exported from the Photos app.