Quick Tutorial: How to Generate Icons as PNG Images with iSize Icons Pro

iSize Icons Pro Mac app icon.


With iSize Icons Pro for Mac, you can generate properly sized icon images for your iOS and OS X apps. iSize Icons Pro can generate standalone PNG images, an Asset Catalog for Xcode, or an .ICNS file from a single 1024×1024 large icon image. In this brief tutorial, we will generate standalone PNG images.

Generating Icons as PNG Images

To generate your properly sized app icons as png images, simply drag and drop your large 1024×1024 app icon image onto the window. Once your large icon image is dragged onto the window, simply check the boxes for the devices you wish to create icons for (for example: iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac). Then select “PNG Images” under the “Generate As” pop up button for your selected platforms.

iSize Icons Pro Mac app window.

Once you are ready to generate your icons, all you have to do is click the “Generate Icons” buttons to bring up a sheet which will allow you to choose a location on your Mac to save. Type in a name and hit save. iSize Icons Pro will create a directory using the name you have typed in the save panel. If you open the directory, you should see the folders for each device you choose to export for.

iSize Icons Pro generated icons.

If you open the folders, inside are all your properly sized app icon images. That’s all there is to it.