Quick Tutorial: How to Set a “Primary” and “Secondary” Directory in File Cabinet Pro Version 2.9


In previous versions of File Cabinet Pro, you could configure a “Local” and “iCloud” folder in the application. After configuring both the “Local” and “iCloud” folders, a button for each folder would appear in the bottom bar in the application’s window. Clicking these buttons in File Cabinet Pro allowed you to quickly toggle between your “Local” and “iCloud” directory. This feature also allowed you to move files from local to iCloud (and vice-versa) very easily as demonstrated in the video below:

The limitation of this feature was that you could only configure one local and one iCloud directory. But everyone does not use iCloud, so why not allow users to configure two local directories instead (or two directories in iCloud)? Starting in version 2.9 of File Cabinet Pro, you can now set a “Primary” and “Secondary” directory to point to any folder you want. To do this, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings in File Cabinet Pro

Click the File Cabinet Pro icon in the menubar to bring up the application’s main window. Now click the gear button at the bottom of the window to bring up the context menu and select “Settings.”

File Cabinet Pro mac app screenshot gear button clicked.

Step 2: Check the “Use Secondary Directory” Box

After the Settings window appears, select the “Folder Paths” item in the toolbar. In the Settings window you will now see a “Use Secondary Directory” box, check this box. When you check this box, an open panel will be displayed allowing you to choose your secondary directory. After you choose your secondary directory, the button for both your primary and secondary directory will appear in the bottom bar again (exactly how the “Local” and “iCloud” buttons appeared in previous versions of the app).

Check the use secondary directory box in File Cabinet Pro settings.

By default the title for each button will match the name of the directory you selected. However, you can now customize the title of the buttons in the bottom bar by changing the “Display Name” field for the primary and secondary directory (please note the ‘Display Name’ fields in the screenshot above).

Once you configure the secondary directory, you will see the buttons appear in the bottom bar of File Cabinet Pro’s window. That’s it!