Raw Dog XML Viewer Version 1.7 Released

Raw Dog XML Viewer Mac App Icon


Raw Dog XML Viewer version 1.7 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-You can now lower the minimum file size used to determine if XML documents should be paginated in Settings.

-You can now open a .plist file in Raw Dog XML Viewer without having to change the extension from .plist to .xml.

-When doing a “Find” operation (Command+F), Raw Dog XML Viewer now uses a Find Bar instead of a Find Panel.

-Minor bug fixes.

File Cabinet Pro Version 4.2 Adds Finder Extension

File Cabinet Mac App Icon


File Cabinet Pro version 4.2 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-This update introduces the “File Cabinet Pro Document Creator” Finder extension. You can create new text documents in the current Finder window and open them in File Cabinet Pro’s text editor. To use this new feature, you have to enable the extension in System Preferences under the “Extensions” tab.

-Fixed issue that caused the Command+B keyboard shortcut to not make the selected text bold in the built in text editor.

-Fixed issue that caused the Command+I keyboard shortcut to not italicize the selected text in the built in text editor.

-Fixed potential crash during a drag and drop operation in column view when columns are spring loaded.

-Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Black Friday Came Early: get Current Directory Window for Terminal for macOS for Free!

Current Directory Window for Terminal Mac App Icon

Current Directory Window for Terminal has been released on the App Tyrant Store. Current Directory Window for Terminal allows you to launch a Terminal window or Terminal tab from Finder with the current working directory set to the directory that is currently being displayed in Finder.

Best of all the app is currently free for everybody for Black Friday! You can get your copy of the application here.

Current Directory Window for Terminal main window screenshot.
Current Directory Window for Terminal Mac app screenshot of Finder context menu.
Current Directory Window for Terminal Mac App Screenshot Finder toolbar pull down button.

Desktop Ghost Pro 1.5 Update Adds Finder Extension, View Desktop Contents Button, and More!

Desktop Ghost Pro Mac App Icon


Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 has been released.

What’s New?

-Added a “View Desktop Contents” button to main window. Now you can view files on your desktop even when they are hidden in a separate window.

-You can now right click the desktop in Finder and show and hide files using the new Desktop Ghost Pro Finder Sync extension (to use this feature, you must enable the Finder Sync extension in System Preferences).

-You can open Desktop Ghost Pro’s preferences window when running the app as a menubar application; you no longer have to open the main window first.

-You can tell Desktop Ghost Pro to exclude files that are on your desktop from participating in show and hide file operations.

-The icon image in the menubar is now larger.

Updated Screenshots:

Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 Mac app screenshot of main window.
Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 adds a “View Desktop Contents” button to the main window.
Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 items added to Finder's context menu.
Show and hide files on your desktop using Desktop Ghost Pro’s Finder extension.
Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 Mac app screenshot including Preferences window. Desktop Ghost Pro version 1.5 Mac App screenshot running as a menubar app.

iSize Icons Pro Released on the Mac App Store. Generate Asset Catalogs for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and CarPlay

iSize icons Mac app icon.

iSize Icons Pro has been released on the Mac App Store. iSize Icons Pro is the sequel to our previous release, iSize Icons.


iSize Icons Pro will generate properly sized app icon images for your iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch apps from a single 1024×1024 large icon image. iSize Icons Pro can also generate properly sized icons for CarPlay.

With iSize Icons Pro you can export your icons in the following formats:
-Asset Catalog
-Standalone PNG images


-Generate an Asset Catalog for your Xcode project. You can generate a single Asset Catalog for Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, and CarPlay or you can generate separate Asset Catalogs for each platform.

-Generate all icon images as standalone PNG images (output in folders organized by platform, making it easy for you to drag and drop into an existing Asset Catalog). Don’t waste time generating your icon images with those apps that dump a million icons in a single unorganized folder.

-iSize Icons Pro can generate .ICNS icon images for you as well.

-iSize Icons Pro generates properly sized icon images for the following platforms: iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay.

iSize Icons Pro will speed up your workflow. It’s time to do more faster! So what are you waiting for? Get iSize Icons Pro now!


iSize Icons Pro screenshot of main window. iSize Icons Pro Mac App screenshot with Coin Flip icon dragged in. iSize Icons Pro Mac App Screenshot showing exported folders for each platform. iSize Icons Pro Mac App screenshot showing exported PNG images. iSize Icons Mac App screenshot showing Laugh Clown icon dragged in main window.

Raw Dog XML Viewer Released on the Mac App Store

Raw Dog XML Viewer Mac App icon.

We have released Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store, a new tool for app developers. Check out the description below to learn more!

App Description

Viewing XML in a text editor is a painfully slow process, especially if the XML file isn’t formatted. Stop wasting precious time! View XML files quickly and efficiently with Raw Dog XML Viewer! Easily drill through the XML tree using the outline view in the sidebar.


-View XML files.

-Quickly navigate through the XML tree by using the outline view in the sidebar.

-Hover your mouse over XML elements in the sidebar to see a tool tip showing the element’s attributes.

-Selecting XML text in the document will automatically select the proper node in the sidebar.

-View XML files that are on the web (for example: you can view the raw XML of an online RSS feed).

-Easily view XML files in a human readable format. Simply click the Pretty Print toolbar item to format unreadable XML.

-Change the font size in the toolbar.

-Choose between four different syntax highlighting styles in Settings.


Raw Dog XML Viewer Welcome Window Screenshot. Raw Dog XML Viewer drilling through the XML tree. Raw Dog XML Viewer change syntax highlighting style Raw Dog XML Viewer Mac App screenshot in full screen mode.

Word Counter Pro Released on the Mac App Store

Word Counter Pro Mac App icon 256x256.

Word Counter Pro is a simple and powerful application for writers. With Word Counter Pro you can view statistics of your writing such as Word count, Character count, Sentence count, Line count, Paragraph count, and more.

Word Counter Pro allows you to view stats in four different ways:
1. You can type or paste text in the window.
2. You can drag and drop a supported text file to the window.
3. You can have Word Counter Pro watch a supported text file as you edit it in another application. When Word Counter Pro is watching a text file, a popover will appear in the menubar displaying stats that will be updated as you write.
4. Use the Word Counter Pro Action Extension. You can use the Word Counter Pro Action Extension to get stats of selected text in any text editing app that supports Action Extensions (like TextEdit).

Word Counter Pro also allows you to apply custom settings. Some of the custom settings you can specify include:
-Setting a custom page size for measuring Line count. For accuracy, Word Counter Pro calculates the Line count by measuring against a particular page size.
-Changing the left and right margin of the custom page size, which also will impact the Line count.
-Enforcing a minimum number of sentences required for Paragraph count. Most word processing software will incorrectly count titles and lines of text in headers as paragraphs, even though they are not part of the body of your document. Requiring a certain number of sentences per paragraph can result in a more accurate paragraph count, since dangling words are not counted as paragraphs.

Word Counter Pro supports the following file types:


Word Counter Pro Mac app screenshot on blurred OS X EL Capitan background. Word Counter Pro Mac app screenshot  showing the app watching a text file.Word Counter Pro Mac app screenshot taken during drag and dropWord Counter Pro Mac app screenshot showing the OS X Action extension working in TextEdit.

File Cabinet Pro: The File Manager for the OS X Menubar Released!

Update on 9/26/16: The app description and screenshots in this post are now outdated. To view the latest app description with an updated features list, click here.

File Cabinet Pro Mac App icon.
App Tyrant Store button image.

File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the OS X menu bar. Quickly navigate to files without cluttering your desktop. Open, move, rename, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from the menu bar! You can open many file types natively in File Cabinet Pro or open files by launching other applications. Store files locally and in iCloud. It’s easy to click into directories in icon view or navigate the file tree in column view. Organize your files your way!

File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot showing right click context menu.
File Cabinet Pro is the first world class file manager for the OS X menu bar.
File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot showing in progress drag and drop session to iCloud folder.
A simple, powerful, and innovative drag and drop experience. Effortlessly drop files into iCloud right from the Desktop.
File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot of various file types in the window.
Get rid of desktop clutter and stay organized with File Cabinet Pro.
File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot in column view.
With File Cabinet Pro you can view files in icon view or column view.

File Cabinet Pro is also a document-based application that ships with a built-in text editor, image viewer, PDF viewer, and media player! Some of the file types File Cabinet Pro can open for editing/viewing include:

-Plain text files (.txt)
-Rich Text Format (.rtf)
-Rich Text Format Directory (.rtfd)
-Portable Document Format (.pdf)

-Portable Network Graphics (.png)
-Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpeg)
-Tagged Image File Format (.tiff, .tif)
-Bitmap image file (.bmp)
-Photoshop File Format (.psd) Import only.
-Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) Import only.


Top Features:

∙Create subdirectories in File Cabinet Pro. Organize your files the way you want!
∙Click into subdirectories and open documents! File Cabinet Pro is the must have mini file browser for your menu bar!
∙Store files locally & in iCloud! Place files in iCloud and access them from all your devices!
∙Innovative Drag n’ Drop! You can drag files to and from iCloud by dragging files over the appropriate button to bring up a popover window!
∙Tag files! Select files in File Cabinet, right click, and then simply add or remove file tags from the control in the context menu.
∙Show in Finder! Want to see a file in Finder? Select a file and right click, then choose “Show in Finder” in the context menu.
∙Rename files.
∙Copy and paste files.
∙Trash files.
∙View items as icons or in columns!
∙Launch the application at login! You can have File Cabinet Pro automatically launch when you login to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default). ∙Built in lightweight text editor! Create and edit .txt, .rtf, and .rtfd files!
∙Built in lightweight image viewer/editor! Rotate images, crop images, and apply filters to images!
∙Built in media player! Watch video and play audio files!
∙PDF viewer!
∙Editable files support document versions! If you made a change to a file you don’t like, you can easily revert documents versions.

So what are you waiting for? Get File Cabinet Pro now!

Tip Calculator Released for iOS with Notification Center Widget

Tip Calculator iOS app icon rounded corners.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this: Tip Calculator for Mobile is your go-to tip calculator on iOS. The app features easy to use controls and comes with a Today Widget, so you can use the tip calculator right in the Notification Center.

Here’s a quick video taken from an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Screenshots

TipCalculatorForMobileIPhone6Screenshot120 TipCalculatorForMobileIPhone6Screenshot120TwoWays TipCalculatorForMobileIphone6Screenshot300 Tip Calculator for Mobile Today Widget Screenshot iPhone 6. Tip Calculator for Mobile iPhone 6 Today Widget Screenshot $120 split two ways.

Don’t want to shell out $0.99? A free version is also available: here.