Tip Calculator Released for iOS with Notification Center Widget

Tip Calculator iOS app icon rounded corners.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this: Tip Calculator for Mobile is your go-to tip calculator on iOS. The app features easy to use controls and comes with a Today Widget, so you can use the tip calculator right in the Notification Center.

Here’s a quick video taken from an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Screenshots

TipCalculatorForMobileIPhone6Screenshot120 TipCalculatorForMobileIPhone6Screenshot120TwoWays TipCalculatorForMobileIphone6Screenshot300 Tip Calculator for Mobile Today Widget Screenshot iPhone 6. Tip Calculator for Mobile iPhone 6 Today Widget Screenshot $120 split two ways.

Don’t want to shell out $0.99? A free version is also available: here.

Coin Flip Released on the Mac App Store!

Coin Flip has been released on the Mac App Store!

Coin Flip Mac app icon.


You’re arguing with a friend about something, and you decide you’ll settle the argument the old fashion way: flip a coin! Don’t have any change? No problem! Use the Coin Flip app!

Coin Flip is the first coin flipping widget for OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center! Easily add the “Coin Flip Widget” in the Notification Center and flip a coin at any time!

-Easily flip a coin on your Mac. You can flip a coin from the main app or optionally add the Coin Flip Widget in the Notification Center!
-Flip up to four coins at the same time!
-Lands on heads or tails. It’s a random coin flip just like in real life.
-Choose different coins to flip!


Coin Flip Mac App Screenshot of penny in main app window and in notification center widget.
Coin Flip Mac App screenshot of 4 coins in main window.
Coin Flip Mac App screenshot of dime on heads.
Coin Flip Mac App screenshot of nickel on tails.
Coin Flip Mac App Screenshot of quarter in Notification Center Widget.