Easy Image Reflection 2


About Easy Image Reflection 2

With Easy Image Reflection 2 for Mac you can generate an image with a reflection effect appearing at the bottom. You can even generate the reflection as a stand alone image to use in your favorite image editor.


Create reflections in three easy steps:

1. Drag and drop your image onto the canvas.
2. Adjust the distance of the reflection by moving the Distance slider. You can also adjust the spacing between the reflection and the original image by moving the Spacing slider.
3. Save your image.


-Add a reflection to images.
-Allows you to adjust the distance of a reflection.
-Allows you to adjust the spacing between the source image and the reflection (NEW in Easy Image Reflection 2).
-Allows you to save your image with a custom background color (NEW in Easy Image Reflection 2).
-Allows you to add reflections from OS X applications that support the new Action Extensions on OS X Yosemite (NEW in Easy Image Reflection 2).
-Share your reflections easily on social networks.

Easy Image Reflection2 Action extension screenshot.

You can purchase Easy Image Reflection 2 on the Mac App Store.