iCorner Radius


iCorner Radius

iCorner Radius for Mac allows you to create a rounded rectangle out of any square shaped image. Have you ever needed to round corners for an app icon (or any image for that matter) and had an exact corner radius in mind? Have you ever opened your favorite image editor and tried to apply an exact corner radius to that icon only to find out that it’s way harder than it should be? Well, if you’re that person, we’re happy to tell you that those days are over. Adding a corner radius to an image should be easy, and now it is.

iCorner Radius Mac App screenshot of rounding the Laugh Clown app icon.
Turn any square shaped image into a rounded rectangle with iCorner Radius.

iCorner Radius allows you to create rounded rectangles in three easy steps:

1. Drag and drop any square image onto the canvas.
2. Select a predefined corner radius value or type your own custom corner radius value in points.
3. Hit save.


You can purchase iCorner Radius on the Mac App Store.