iSize Icons Pro


iSize Icons Pro

iSize Icons Pro is a tool for iOS and OS X application developers that automatically generates properly sized application icon images from a single 1024×1024 large icon image. All you have to do is drag and drop your 1024×1024 large icon image onto the window and iSize Icons will generate all the required image sizes for you. iSize Icons Pro supports generating app icon images in an Asset Catalog, as PNG images, or as a .ICNS icon file.

iSize Icons Pro Mac App screenshot showing exported PNG images.


-Generate an Asset Catalog for your Xcode project. You can generate a single Asset Catalog for Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, and CarPlay or you can generate separate Asset Catalogs for each platform.

-Generate all icon images as standalone PNG images (output in folders organized by platform, making it easy for you to drag and drop into an existing Asset Catalog). Don’t waste time generating your icon images with those apps that dump a million icons in a single unorganized folder.

-iSize Icons Pro can generate .ICNS icon images for you as well.

-iSize Icons Pro generates properly sized icon images for the following platforms:
iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay.

You can purchase iSize Icons Pro on the Mac App Store.