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File Cabinet Pro Version 3.5 Adds Support for the Touch Bar on the New MacBook Pro

File Cabinet Pro's Touch Bar customization menu.
File Cabinet Pro version 3.5 has been released for macOS. This update adds support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

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Start your 30 Day Free Trial of File Cabinet Pro

File Cabinet Pro Mac app teaser image.
File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the macOS menubar. Want to try the app before you buy? Now you can! Try File Cabinet Pro for free by downloading File Cabinet Lite on the Mac App Store.

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File Cabinet Pro Version 3.4 Adds Path Bar

File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot showing path bar.
File Cabinet Pro version 3.4 has been released for macOS. What's new? You can now have a Path Bar display in the window; use the Option+Command+P keyboard shortcut to toggle the Path Bar’s visibility.

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Raw Dog XML Viewer is on the Mac App Store!

Viewing XML files is easy with Raw Dog XML Viewer, that's why it's a top 10 Developer Tool on the Mac App Store.

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