Hex Converter


Hex Converter

Hex Converter is the ultimate tool for effortlessly converting between hexadecimal and decimal number systems on your Mac. Whether you’re a developer, a student, or anyone dealing with binary data, this app streamlines the conversion process with its intuitive interface and powerful features.


  • Hexadecimal to Decimal Conversion: Instantly convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal with ease. Simply input your hexadecimal value, and Hex Converter will provide you with the corresponding decimal value instantly.
  • Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion: Need to convert a decimal number to hex? No problem. Hex Converter allows you to input decimal numbers and swiftly obtain their hexadecimal equivalents.
  • Binary Representation: Enter either a hexadecimal or a decimal number and visualize it in binary format. This feature offers a comprehensive view of your number’s binary representation, aiding in understanding and analysis.
  • Interactive Binary Viewer: Dive deeper into binary representation by clicking on individual bits to toggle their values. This interactive feature provides a hands-on experience in binary manipulation, enhancing comprehension and experimentation.
  • Xcode Editor Extension: Seamlessly integrate Hex Converter into your Xcode workflow with the included editor extension. Quickly convert between decimal and hexadecimal numbers directly within Xcode, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Services Integration: Harness the power of Hex Converter across macOS with Services integration. Utilize the “Convert Hex to Decimal” and “Convert Decimal to Hex” services to convert hex strings to decimal and decimal numbers to hex respectively, in virtually any text editing app on your Mac.

With Hex Converter, managing hexadecimal and decimal numbers becomes effortless, empowering you to work more efficiently and accurately across various tasks and applications on your Mac. Experience the convenience and versatility of Hex Converter today.

Hex Converter Mac app screenshot showing decimal to hex conversion.
Hex Converter for Mac screenshot showing hex to decimal conversion with binary displayed.
Hex Converter Mac app screenshot of the Xcode editor extension.
Hex Converter Mac app screenshot hex to decimal binary showing
Hex Converter Mac app screenshot showing hex to decimal.

You can purchase Hex Converter on the Mac App Store.