Desktop Ghost Pro

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What is Desktop Ghost Pro?

Desktop Ghost Pro is an application for Mac OS X that allows you to easily hide and show all files on your messy desktop.

Desktop Ghost Pro screenshot of main app window.
Desktop Ghost Pro allows you to easily hide and show everything on your messy desktop.

Why you should use Desktop Ghost Pro

Use Desktop Ghost Pro to Hide Files On Your Messy Desktop to Take Screencasts or Screenshots

If you need to take a screencast or screenshot, chances are you don’t want people to see all your files in your messy desktop. With Desktop Ghost Pro, you can instantly hide everything on your desktop. When you are done taking your screenshot or screencast, you can easily show your files again.

Desktop Ghost Pro Mac app screenshot annotated 'before''.
If you are taking a screencast or screenshot, you don’t want people to see all the files on your messy desktop.

Hide files on your desktop to concentrate on your work

Are all the files on your desktop distracting you from your work? Don’t want to move them? Don’t. Hide them.

Desktop Ghost Pro Mac App screenshot of hidden desktop.

Run Desktop Ghost Pro your way

Desktop Ghost Pro allows you choose how you want to use the application. You can run the app as a standard application with an icon in the dock or as a menubar extra app. You can also set Global Hotkeys to instantly hide and show everything on your desktop without having to use the mouse. It’s that easy.


-Instantly hide and show all files on your desktop.
-Optionally run the app as a menubar extra application for easy access.
-Use Global Hotkeys to show and hide everything on your desktop without using the mouse.
-Easily set Desktop Ghost Pro to run when you log in to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default).
-Get to files on your desktop even when they are hidden via the new “View Desktop Contents” button.
-Right click the desktop in Finder and show and hide files using the new Desktop Ghost Pro Finder Sync extension (to use this feature, you must enable the Finder Sync extension in System Preferences).
-Specify files to exclude from participating in show and hide operations. You may wish to use this feature if you use third party applications that add hidden files to your desktop that you always want to remain hidden. Simply go to Preferences to add or remove files to exclude.

I opened Desktop Ghost Pro for the first time and the app is asking me for permission to access my desktop. Why?

If you downloaded Desktop Ghost Pro from the Mac App Store, this is necessary because Mac applications on the Mac App Store are required to be sandboxed. For the app to be able to access your desktop, you need to give the app explicit permission. Don’t worry. You only have to grant Desktop Ghost Pro access the first time you open the application.

When I hide the desktop, does Desktop Ghost Pro actually move the files somewhere else?

No. Desktop Ghost Pro does not ever move your files. The application simply hides your files. And when you want to see the files on your desktop again, the application simply shows them to you.

I tried hiding my desktop, but it “doesn’t work.” Why?

If hiding your files doesn’t work for you, please check to ensure you are not using any applications that “Show Hidden” files to you or enable hidden System Preferences. If you need support, please use the contact form to get in touch. Contacting the developer of an application for support is generally better than writing a trolling review on the Mac App Store.

When I right click the desktop, I don’t see the menu items to show and hide the desktop. Why?

If you want Desktop Ghost Pro to add “Show” and “Hide” menu items to Finder’s context menu right clicking the desktop, you must enable Desktop Ghost Pro’s Finder Sync extension. If you don’t know how to enable an app extension, follow these easy instructions here.

I have another question about Desktop Ghost Pro. Where can I ask?

You can contact us here.

You can purchase Desktop Ghost Pro on the Mac App Store.