Plist Converter


Plist Converter

Plist Converter is a versatile Mac app that simplifies the process of converting plist files to and from various formats. With support for batch conversion, you can quickly and easily convert multiple plist files at once, saving you time and effort.

One of the key features of Plist Converter is its ability to convert plist files to and from XML, JSON, and Binary formats. This makes it easy to work with plist files in different contexts, whether you’re working with web APIs, iOS or macOS development, or other programming environments.

In addition to these standard formats, Plist Converter also supports conversion to Objective-C and Swift source code. This feature enables you to generate code from your plist files that can be used in your iOS and macOS projects. With just a few clicks, you can generate Objective-C or Swift code that accurately reflects the structure of your plist files.

Finally, Plist Converter also supports the conversion of CSV files to the plist format. This feature is particularly useful for developers and data analysts who need to work with tabular data in the plist format. With Plist Converter, you can easily convert your CSV files to plist format and start working with them right away.

Whether you’re a developer, data analyst, or just someone who works with plist files on a regular basis, Plist Converter is the perfect tool for simplifying your workflow and making your job easier. Download it today and start converting your plist files with ease!


Plist Converter Mac app screenshot in light mode on macOS Ventura.

Plist Converter Mac App screenshot on macOS Ventura with export as pop up button clicked.

Plist Converter Mac App screenshot on macOS Ventura in Dark Mode.

Plist Converter Mac App screenshot in dark mode taller window size.

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