How to Sort Files in File Cabinet Pro

There are a few ways you can sort files in File Cabinet Pro. This brief tutorial will explain all the different ways you can change the sort policy in File Cabinet Pro.

Option One: Use the Context Menu

One way to change the sort policy in File Cabinet Pro is to right click on the background of the window to bring up the context menu. Then from the context menu hover your mouse over the “Sort By” menu item to open up the submenu and choose your desired sort policy.

File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot showing context menu exposed with Sort By submenu exposed.

Note: You can also sort in descending order using any sort policy from the context menu by holding down the Option key while the “Sort By” submenu is exposed. While the Option key is pressed down, the menu while show a downward arrow to indicate descending order.

File Cabinet Pro screenshot of the Sort By submenu in descending order.

Option Two: Use Hotkeys to Sort

You can also use hotkeys to change the sort policy in File Cabinet Pro. Below you will find a list of the key combinations you can use to change the sort order:

Sort Policy Hotkey
Name Control+Command+1
Name Descending Control+Command+Option+1
Kind Control+Command+2
Kind Descending Control+Command+Option+2
Date Last Opened Control+Command+3
Date Last Opened Descending Control+Command+Option+3
Date Added Control+Command+4
Date Added Descending Control+Command+Option+4
Date Modified Control+Command+5
Date Modified Descending Control+Command+Option+5
Date Created Control+Command+8
Date Created Descending Control+Command+Option+8
File Size Control+Command+6
File Size Descending Control+Command+Option+6

Option Three: Click Column Headers in List View

Another way you can change the sort policy in File Cabinet Pro is to click the column headers in list view.

File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot in List view with an arrow pointing to column headers.

Clicking the same column twice will toggle between ascending and descending order. You can add or remove columns in List view by right clicking the column header and selecting columns to add or remove from the context menu.

Option Four: Use the “Arrange By” Button in the Toolbar

You can also sort files using the “Arrange By” pull down button in File Cabinet Pro’s toolbar.

File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot arrow pointing to arrange toolbar item.

When this button’s menu is showing, you can also hold down the Option key if you wish to sort in descending order.

If you do not see the “Arrange By” button in File Cabinet Pro’s toolbar, right click on the toolbar and choose the “Customize Toolbar” menu item. Then you can add the “Arrange By” button to the toolbar (see screenshoots below).

File Cabinet Pro Mac screenshot customize toolbar menu exposed.
File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot showing toolbar customization palette with arrow pointed to Arrange By button.