File Cabinet Pro Version 1.5.2 Update Released!

File Cabinet Pro Mac app icon 305 x 305 pixels.

What’s New?

-In Icon View, you can now Command+Click on files to extend the selection.

-If you are viewing a file in a mounted volume and you attempt to move the file to the trash, you will now be asked if you want to immediately delete the file as you would if you attempted to do the same operation in Finder.

-If a Mac application is in File Cabinet Pro and you double click on it, it will now launch the application.

Quick Tutorial: How to Crop an Image with File Cabinet Pro

File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the OS X menu bar. You can open, move, rename, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from the menu bar.

File Cabinet Pro also comes with a built in Image Editor (you can turn this feature off in Settings and open your images in another application if you want).

In this little video, I show you how you can crop an image with File Cabinet Pro. Simply make a selection with the crop tool and then double click inside the selection box.