Easily Bind an NSProgress Object to an NSProgressIndicator in Objective-C [Open Source]

In UIKit UIProgressView has an observedProgress property. If you set the observedProgress property on a UIProgressView, it will automatically update its appearance when you make changes to the NSProgress object. On macOS (in AppKit at least) NSProgressIndicator does not have an equivalent API. I created a simple category on NSProgressIndicator that adds an observedProgress property on NSProgressIndicator. The source code is available on Github here.

File Cabinet Pro Version 7.6 Update Released

File Cabinet Mac App Icon

            Download on the App Tyrant Store button.

File Cabinet Pro version 7.6 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-Added the option to have File Cabinet Pro automatically close the main window on outside mouse click in Settings.

-Fixed bug that caused three finger dragging not to work for users that have a Force Touch trackpad and also have three finger dragging enabled in System Preferences.