File Cabinet Pro Version 1.5.2 Update Released!

File Cabinet Pro Mac app icon 305 x 305 pixels.

What’s New?

-In Icon View, you can now Command+Click on files to extend the selection.

-If you are viewing a file in a mounted volume and you attempt to move the file to the trash, you will now be asked if you want to immediately delete the file as you would if you attempted to do the same operation in Finder.

-If a Mac application is in File Cabinet Pro and you double click on it, it will now launch the application.

Easy Image Reflection 2 Version 1.3 Update Pushed to the Mac App Store

Easy Image Reflection 2 Mac App icon.

Easy Image Reflection version 1.3 has been pushed to the Mac App Store.

What’s new?

The Easy Image Reflection action extension now works with Mail. As of OS X Yosemite, Mail works with image action extensions differently than other OS X applications, so a workaround needed to be implemented.

If you already purchased Easy Image Reflection 2, you can head to the Mac App Store and update now. If you have not bought Easy Image Reflection 2 you can purchase it here.

iPromo Art Creator 1.5 Update Adds iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Device Templates!

Calling all iOS developers, if you didn’t already know, the iPromo Art Creator Mac app makes it easy to add device skins to your iOS app screenshots. You can use the images made with iPromo Art Creator on websites and other promotional material. We probably should have posted about this update a couple of months ago, but version 1.5 of iPromo Art Creator has added iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device templates to the application!
Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger screenshot with the iPhone 6 Plus device frame around it.
Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger iPhone 6 Plus promo art with the iPhone 6 Plus device skin. The device skin was automatically added to the image using the iPromo Art Creator Mac app.
All current users of iPromo Art Creator have already received the update for free on the Mac App Store! If your an iOS Developer and are interested in purchasing the app, it is available on the Mac App Store here!