File Cabinet Pro Version 3.3.3 Released

File Cabinet Mac App Icon


File Cabinet Pro version 3.3.3 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-You can now change the default view type on application launch in Settings.
-You can now use the Control+Command+1 keyboard shortcut to arrange files by name.
-You can now use the Control+Command+5 keyboard shortcut to arrange files by modified date.
-You can now use the Control+Command+8 keyboard shortcut to arrange files by date created.

File Cabinet Pro Mac screenshot showing arrange files pulldown button menu.

File Cabinet Pro Mac app screenshot showing default view type control in settings window.

File Cabinet Pro Version 2.9 Released!

File Cabinet Mac App Icon


File Cabinet Pro version 2.9 has been released.

What’s New?

-New app icon.

-Removed ‘Local’ and ‘iCloud’ restriction when configuring Folder paths for the buttons in the bottom bar. You now can set both the ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ folder locations to any directory you want.

-You can now compress files in File Cabinet Pro.

-You now can open selected files using the Command+O keyboard shortcut.

-You can now trash files using the Command+Delete Key keyboard shortcut.

-You can now make alias files (Command+L keyboard shortcut).

-You can now copy selected files using the Command+C keyboard shortcut.

-You can now paste files using the Command+V keyboard shortcut.

-You can now create a new untitled directory using Command+Shift+N keyboard shortcut.

File Cabinet Pro 2.5 Update Adds Quicklook Support

File Cabinet Mac App Icon JPEG


File Cabinet Pro version 2.5 has been released.

What’s New?

-Quicklook support added! When you have files selected in File Cabinet Pro, you can now press the spacebar key to view them in a Quicklook panel.

-Minor bug fixes and improvements.

File Cabinet Pro screenshot showing Quicklook panel.

This update is free for everyone who already purchased File Cabinet Pro. Haven’t purchased File Cabinet Pro and want to learn more about the app? Check out the landing page for more info.

Dice Roller App Released for Free on iOS!

Dice Roller iOS App icon.


Need dice? Download the Dice Roller app! You never have to worry about losing your dice again! Play your favorite board games and use your iOS device to roll the dice! You can use the Dice Roller App for any dice game, the possibilities are endless!

-Dice Roller app let’s you roll up to 5 dice at a time!
-Automatically adds the total value of the dice rolled on screen for you! You don’t have to count all those dots, just read the text!
-Dice Roller App is UNIVERSAL! It runs great on all iPhone models and iPad!
-Cool 3D animation using the awesome Core Animation framework!
-Turn on “Fast mode” to roll the dice faster!

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, this app is FREE! Get the Dice Roller App now!

Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger Released on the iOS App Store!

Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger iOS app icon.


Step onto the fairground and dodge balloons like a pro! Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger is an innovative action game where you use touch controls to dodge the balloons coming at you! Balloons come at you from the sky in all kinds of crazy ways; it’s up to you to make sure Laugh Clown doesn’t get hit! Get amazing power ups and then you can run into the balloons for extra points! Make Laugh Clown laugh!

-Play single player or turn-based multiplayer matches with friends on Game Center!
-Endless balloon dodging fun!
-Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
-Stunning graphics!
-Universal application: pay once and get the game on both your iPhone and iPad!

Flip a Coin App for iOS Released! Download it for FREE!

Flip a Coin iOS App icon.


You’re arguing with a friend about something, and you decide you’ll settle the argument the old fashion way: flip a coin! Don’t have any change? No problem! Use the Flip a Coin App!

Flip a Coin App is FREE! All you have to do is tap your iPhone or iPad screen to flip!

-Universal application! Flip a Coin app looks great on both your iPhone and your iPad!
-Lands on heads or tails. It’s a random result just like in real life.
-Choose different coins to flip!

Flip a Coin App will do the flipping for you when you tap, just remember to CALL IT IN THE AIR!

iPromo Art Creator – Tool for Adding Device Skins to your iOS App Screenshots is Now Available on the Mac App Store!

iPromo Art Creator Mac App icon.


App Description:

Easily add device skins to your iOS app screenshots with iPromo Art Creator. If you’re an iOS developer, sometimes you want to display your app screenshots with the device’s frame around it to create a realistic look on websites and other promotional material.

Adding a device skin to your app screenshots is so easy with iPromo Art Creator. All you have to do is select the appropriate template, drag and drop your screenshot onto the canvas, and save. That is it! No more monkeying around in an image editor. iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, and iPad Mini templates are at your fingertips in this easy to use, time saving app. Stop opening a bunch of new documents in that image editor! It’s time to do more faster!

This is a must have app for any iOS developer or mobile app designer! Add device skins to your iOS app screenshots and get back to your real work! So what are you waiting for? Get iPromo Art Creator now!


iPromo Art Creator Mac App Annotated Screen iPromo Art Creator Mac App screenshot of the iPhone 5s template window. iPromo Art Creator Mac App screenshot of the welcome window.

See a full-sized iPhone 5s device skinned screenshot image below! Image generated with the iPromo Art Creator Mac App!

War the Ultimate Multiplayer Experience iOS app running on a iPhone 5s.