File Cabinet Pro Version 4.7 Released for macOS

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File Cabinet Pro version 4.7 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-You can now change the sort policy by clicking a column header in list view; clicking the same header multiple times in a row toggles between ascending and descending order.

-When changing the sort policy from File Cabinet Pro’s context menu, you can now choose a sort policy in descending order by holding down the option key to expose an alternate list of menu items.

-You can now optionally show a “Date Last Opened” and a “Date Created” column in list view. If you wish to show these new columns, right click on the header in list view to unhide them using the context menu.

If you have a sort policy set and the metadata of a file shown changes, File Cabinet Pro will now adjust the order of files to preserve the integrity of the current sort policy if necessary.