File Cabinet Pro Version 6.6.1 for macOS Adds Features for Force Touch Trackpads

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File Cabinet Pro version 6.6.1 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-If you have a Force Touch Trackpad, you can now force click to edit a filename.

-If you have a Force Touch Trackpad, you can now force click on a file’s icon to bring up Quicklook.

-Fixed issue that caused buttons to sometimes disappear from the Touch Bar on MacBook Pros after switching to List view.

-Fixed a bug in Dark Mode in Icon view that caused the “Empty Folder” label to draw with a white background.

-Fixed issue where clicking a tab started a dragging session prematurely.

Adding Force Touch Features to macOS Apps with a Custom Gesture Recognizer [Open Source]

I created a simple subclass of NSGestureRecognizer, ATForceTouchGesture, to simplify the process of adding Force Touch features to macOS apps. You can use this gesture recognizer to add a feature like force clicking to start editing a label (see the screenshot below).

Image captures 'force click' to edit using ATForceTouchGesture.

There is a sample project available on Github here.