iSize Icons Pro Released on the Mac App Store. Generate Asset Catalogs for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and CarPlay

iSize icons Mac app icon.

iSize Icons Pro has been released on the Mac App Store. iSize Icons Pro is the sequel to our previous release, iSize Icons.


iSize Icons Pro will generate properly sized app icon images for your iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch apps from a single 1024×1024 large icon image. iSize Icons Pro can also generate properly sized icons for CarPlay.

With iSize Icons Pro you can export your icons in the following formats:
-Asset Catalog
-Standalone PNG images


-Generate an Asset Catalog for your Xcode project. You can generate a single Asset Catalog for Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, and CarPlay or you can generate separate Asset Catalogs for each platform.

-Generate all icon images as standalone PNG images (output in folders organized by platform, making it easy for you to drag and drop into an existing Asset Catalog). Don’t waste time generating your icon images with those apps that dump a million icons in a single unorganized folder.

-iSize Icons Pro can generate .ICNS icon images for you as well.

-iSize Icons Pro generates properly sized icon images for the following platforms: iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay.

iSize Icons Pro will speed up your workflow. It’s time to do more faster! So what are you waiting for? Get iSize Icons Pro now!


iSize Icons Pro screenshot of main window. iSize Icons Pro Mac App screenshot with Coin Flip icon dragged in. iSize Icons Pro Mac App Screenshot showing exported folders for each platform. iSize Icons Pro Mac App screenshot showing exported PNG images. iSize Icons Mac App screenshot showing Laugh Clown icon dragged in main window.

How to Deprecate your Own API in Objective-C

To mark some of your own API as deprecated in Objective-C, you simply can add the following attribute to your method declaration (as seen in the snippet below):

-(void)myOldMethod __attribute((deprecated("Use the myNewMethod instead.")));

Now when you call myOldMethod in your code, the compiler will warn you that: “myOldMethod is deprecated. Use the myNewMethod instead”. You can also add the deprecated attribute to property declarations.

But what if you wanted to be more specific? For instance, if there is a better way to handle something in the iOS 8 SDK, you can mark an old method as deprecated only for projects that have iOS 8.0 or later as the deployment target.

-(void)myOldMethod NS_DEPRECATED_IOS(3_0, 8_0,"Use myNewMethod instead.");

Using the code snippet above, if you call myOldMethod the compiler will only warn you that the method is deprecated if your project’s deployment target is set to iOS 8 or later.

Deprecating your own methods can come in handy especially if you have written your own framework that is used across multiple projects. You may choose to deprecate some of your own API rather than removing the methods entirely until you get around to adapting your existing projects to use your new API.

iScale @3x Version 1.2 Adds Support for @3x~iphone suffix!

iScale @3x version 1.2 has been pushed to the Mac App Store! This update allows you to use the @3x~iphone suffix to generate a @2x~iphone image and a ~iphone image!

Current users of iScale @3x can get the upgrade for free now by going to the Mac App Store! If you’re interested in purchasing iScale @3x, it is available on the Mac App Store here for only $0.99!

iScale @3x Mac App screenshot of icon being dragged onto the window. iScale @3x Mac App screenshot of exported icon images.

iOS Devices: Screen Bounds List

Dimensions (in points):

*Note: Starting in iOS 8, the bounds property on UIScreen is orientation based, so for example if the bounds in portrait mode is 320×480, in the landscape orientation the bounds would be 480×320. The list below assumes that the device is in the portrait orientation.

320 x 480
-iPhone 4s and earlier models.
320 x 568
-iPhone 5
-iPhone 5S
-iPhone 5C
375 x 667
-iPhone 6
414 x 736
-iPhone 6 Plus
768 x 1024

iScale @3x for Mac Released!

iScale @3x Mac App icon!


Easily scale your @3x images down to @2x and standard definition for your iOS and Mac apps! Just drag and drop your @3x named images onto the window and let iScale @3x do the scaling for you!

-Automatically generates an @2x and a standard definition image from an @3x image. You don’t have to manually resize the images in an image editor anymore!
-Still supports generating standard definition images from @2x or -hd named images!
-Supports the @2x~ipad suffix! Drag in an image with the @2x~ipad suffix to generate ~ipad, @2x~iphone, and ~iphone suffix images!
-Supports the @2x~iphone suffix! Drag in an image with the @2x~iphone suffix to generate an ~iphone image!
-Supported image types include: .png, .bmp, .jpg, and .tiff!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to do more faster! Get iScale @3x now!

iScale  @3x Mac App screenshot.

iDock Icons Now Available on the Mac App Store!

iDock Icons Mac App icon.


Instantly preview your icon designs in the dock with iDock Icons! If you’re a designer or Mac developer this tool will save you tons of time! Simply drag and drop your images onto the window and you can instantly see how they look in the dock! Effortlessly switch between multiple icon images by clicking with your mouse or use the arrow keys on your keyboard!

You don’t have to waste time preparing different Asset Catalogs or .iconset folders to view your icons in the dock! No more relaunching your app in Xcode a thousand times to see which icon design looks the best! Use iDock icons and see how they look in the dock instantly!

-Instantly preview icons in the dock!
-Supports .PNG, .AI, .JPG, .PSD, .GIF, .ICNS, and many more!


iDockIconsScreenshotOne iDockIconsScreenshotThree iDockIconsScreenshotTwo

iScale @2x Now Available on the Mac App Store!

iScale @2x Mac App icon.


Easily scale your @2x and -hd images for non-retina devices with iScale @2x, a great time saving app! Just drag and drop your images named with the @2x or -hd suffix onto the window and let iScale @2x generate your standard definition graphics for you!

This is a must have app for all iOS/Mac developers! It will save you tons of time! It’s time to do more faster! So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

-Scale retina graphics instantly by dragging and dropping to create images for non-retina devices!
-Supports .png, .bmp, .jpg, and .tiff!

iScale @2x Mac App screenshot

Reverse Engineer Spritesheets is Now Available on the Mac App Store!

Reverse Engineer Spritesheets Mac App icon.


App Description:

Easily reverse engineer spritesheets with this tool! Get your sprites back as single standalone images. So you’re a game developer who lost the source images for your sprite sheet; it’s not a crime and you don’t have to panic.

Don’t try to slice those sprites out in an image editor, extract them with this tool! Just drag and drop your spritesheet onto the window and its .plist file. Hit the save button and in a few short seconds you will get your sprites back! If you have rotated sprites in your sheet this app even rotates them back so you get your sprites out of your sheet exactly the same way that you put them in!

More great reasons to use this tool:
-Extract individual sprites out of an old spritesheet so you can use Spritebuilder’s smart spritesheet feature for your Cocos2d game!
-Extract individual sprites out of an old spritesheet to use in a .atlas file in Xcode for your SpriteKit game!

The Reverse Engineer Spritesheets app will save you tons of time!

This app currently supports extracting sprites with a spritesheet’s .plist source file. Formats 0, 1, 2, 3 are supported!


Spritesheet (Click to view full size):
Spritesheet image.

Extracted Sprites:

desert_bg bubble-3-3

somebuttons_1 somebuttons_2 somebuttons_3 somebuttons_4 somebuttons_5 somebuttons_6 somebuttons_7 somebuttons_8 somebuttons_9 somebuttons_10 somebuttons_11 somebuttons_12 swamp

pointy_1 pointy_2 pointy_5-2 pointy_5 pointy_6 pointy_9 pointy_11

male_runner_concepts_3 male_runner_concepts_12 male_runner_concepts_21 male_runner_concepts_27 male_runner_concepts_32