RGB Sliders on iOS with Core Graphics

I’m currently working on an iOS application that needs some UI elements to allow users to choose colors. Basically, by the time I finish I’d like to have an iOS-styled equivalent to what NSColorPanel does for us on the Mac. I figured a good place to start is to make some RGB sliders. The sliders in the view are drawn with Core Graphics. This video is running at 2x speed.

iScale @3x Version 1.2 Adds Support for @3x~iphone suffix!

iScale @3x version 1.2 has been pushed to the Mac App Store! This update allows you to use the @3x~iphone suffix to generate a @2x~iphone image and a ~iphone image!

Current users of iScale @3x can get the upgrade for free now by going to the Mac App Store! If you’re interested in purchasing iScale @3x, it is available on the Mac App Store here for only $0.99!

iScale @3x Mac App screenshot of icon being dragged onto the window. iScale @3x Mac App screenshot of exported icon images.