File Cabinet Pro Version 7.8 Update Released

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File Cabinet Pro version 7.8 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-You can now create aliases via drag and drop by holding down the option and command keys while dragging files to File Cabinet Pro.

-You can now add a button to File Cabinet Pro’s toolbar to show hidden files.

-You can now reduce the size of File Cabinet Pro’s icon in the menu bar by holding down the control key while clicking the icon to bring up a context menu.

File Cabinet Pro Version 6.4 Adds Spring-Loading Feature in Icon View

File Cabinet Mac App Icon


File Cabinet Pro version 6.4 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-Icon view now supports spring-loading. Drag files over directories in icon view to use this new feature.

-Fixed bug that sometimes caused the zoom slider to remain hidden after switching to a tab in Icon view.

-Each tab now maintains its own undo and redo stack instead of sharing a single undo and redo stack for the entire window.

-Fixed issue that could sometimes cause drag and drop to silently fail when you drag a file from a readonly volume to File Cabinet Pro.

-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.