File Cabinet Pro Version 5.0 Update for macOS Introduces New Menu Bar Icon

File Cabinet Mac App Icon

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File Cabinet Pro version 5.0 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-File Cabinet Pro has a new icon for the menu bar.

-Fixed animation bug in Cover Flow on macOS High Sierra.

-Fixed issue that sometimes caused File Cabinet Pro to open over another app when entering full screen mode.

File Cabinet Pro Version 5.0 mac screenshot.

File Cabinet Pro macOS promo image.

File Cabinet Pro Version 2.0 Update Adds Global Hotkey Feature

File Cabinet Pro Mac app icon.

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File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot showing Global hotkey tab selected in settings.

File Cabinet Pro version 2.0 is out.

What’s New?

-Global Hotkey support for automatically showing and hiding the File Cabinet window! This feature is disabled by default, however, you can go to settings and turn it on if you’d like. You can set your own hotkey or use the default hotkey we suggest. Please note that File Cabinet will do its best to prevent you from choosing a hotkey that will likely cause a conflict with other apps. For example, you can’t set the hotkey to Command+C because you wouldn’t be able to copy a selection to the clipboard.

-The icon in the menubar now changes to dark blue when File Cabinet Pro is the focused app. It will change to black when File Cabinet Pro is not the focused app.

-You can now “Go Back” by using the Command+[ keyboard shortcut.

-You can now “Go Forward” by using the Command+] keyboard shortcut.

-Major performance improvements, especially when viewing a directory with lots of files in it.

-Users on OS X El Capitan will enjoy additional performance improvements when viewing directories in Icon View because we now take advantage of new API Apple introduced in OS X El Capitan.

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