File Cabinet Pro Version 6.0 Major Update for macOS Adds Support for Tabs

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File Cabinet Pro version 6.0 has been released for macOS.

What’s New?

-You can now open directories in new tabs.

-Removed the “Primary” and “Secondary” directory concept from File Cabinet Pro; this feature has been replaced by the new Tab Bar. You are no longer restricted to two directories to switch between, you can open as many tabs as you want.

-Tabs in File Cabinet Pro’s new Tab Bar support spring-loading; you can drag files over a tab to select one.

-The buttons in the bottom bar used to switch between the “Primary” and “Secondary” directory have been removed. You can switch between directories by clicking in the Tab Bar instead (or by using the hot keys: control+tab to select the next tab and control+shift+tab to select the previous tab).

-File Cabinet Pro now displays the number of selected items and the file count for the current directory at the bottom of the window.

-The size of the Quicklook preview for a selected file in Column view will now resize with the window instead of remaining at a small fixed size.

-File Cabinet Pro started displaying a Services submenu in its context menu in version 4.5. As a result if the “Show In Finder” service on your Mac was enabled you would see two “Show In Finder” menu items in File Cabinet Pro’s context menu. File Cabinet Pro no longer displays its own “Show in Finder” menu item in its context menu to fix this problem. You can enable the “Show In Finder” Service in System Preferences on your Mac to continue using this feature.

-A new “Go to Folder…” menu item has been added to File Cabinet Pro’s context menu.

-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot, three open tabs.

File Cabinet Pro Mac App screenshot showing 'New Tab' menu item in pop up menu.
You can now open a directory in a new tab in File Cabinet Pro version 6.0 and later.